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28 September 2009 @ 01:13 am
this typhoon's been so.. surprising and crazy and terrible! and scary how fast all this devastation happened!

just the other day, friday night ,i was at my friend's birthday party in marikina, we were all happy and having fun. sunday morning when the electricity came back i saw how her area was one of those that were flooded til the roofs of the houses. when i finally got to contact her, i found out "only" the first floor of their house was flooded. but even then the water was up to the ceiling. thank god she was safe. but when you think about all the others... D: and then so much people we know are really really affected and still stuck and everything. and this time its not about people in a distant province or whatever, its about people we grew up with and people who we see everyday who are still missing and unreachable and in need of help. and to top that we hear news about GMA spending 800m of emergency funds on useless spending on foreign visits. makes you think we're really on a downward spiral. 

and then we hear about everyone helping everyone, and so quickly, and donations pouring in, so many acts of kindess and then it makes you have some hope in humanity again. just got home from going to the cov courts ateneo this evening with my neighbors to help out, and it was tiring and hectic, but ive never felt so hopeful and optimistic about the future. everyone was working together and so energetic and even as we left donations were still coming in. sounds so corny in this entry but basta, cant express how depressing and hopeful it is at the same time!! there IS hope.
09 August 2009 @ 11:14 pm

09 August 2009 @ 12:36 am
..especially when we have photoshoots!

i've missed this! here are some from one we did earlier, pearly is the model! and of course the photographers get to model too. haha. shots are by me, unless im in it. :) 

30 September 2008 @ 02:03 pm
too lazy to recap the last two weeks, basically we were stressed with organizing everything for college week! so college week, then topped off with a weekend of drinking! (and buying a new dress!)

picture post, yay!

left to right:
1st row: dance, composition, and dance again in Bb GClef
2nd: freshie show, Bb. Winds-Jamaica, Amazing Race
3rd: katsie anna me, then YOSHA (super galing!!!!!)
4th: dino me, ria me
5th: ria dru dino me, dru me dino

then its back to school and finals!!!
04 September 2008 @ 11:17 pm
at long long long last!!! yeaay! the first day it was back i just couldn't let go of it. kanina i had a photoshoot for froi's band for some concert they're joining.

then, of course, pictures from the lung center! fierce marga and ralph.
04 April 2008 @ 05:35 pm
amazingly, i got a 1.75 in german when i was hoping not so hopefully to get a 2.5 at least! yay! if any of you UP people want to take a european language, take german with sir buccat. haha. and yays, i got a flat one in... ORCHESTRA! hahahaha yay, let;s hope this continues my CS standing.

weirdly enough, i have become grade conscious! which i really never was in highschool.

on another note, i am having a very productive summer so far; i'm probably gonna take summer classes and am teaching everyday starting 830 am. my new students are mostly cute little chinese kids in prep. anyone who wants to learn, just gimme a call! hahahaha
17 March 2008 @ 10:00 pm
oops, i think my highest possible grade for german 11 is a tres, but it's most likely lower. crap.  kasi naman, 4-530 classes, on the farthest corner of the 5th floor of CAL with very steep stairs, in summer heat!!! for lack of a better curse phrase, fettes Schwein! (fat pig!!)

i am NEVER taking a class at that time slot, in that place again.

and i got enlisted in Math 11 for summer. is that ok kaya? hmm
24 February 2008 @ 09:56 pm
some pictures i experimented with for editing!




"such a drag"

summer girls!

anyone who wants a photoshoot.. just gimme a call :D
29 November 2007 @ 09:28 pm
here are some unposted pictures! i'm experimenting with editing. hahaha

my all time favorite kind of shot, paparazzi shots!

janine, val, guard, college musical! hahahaha

the sax is such a cute instrument (kevin)

"a day in Britney's life" :))

trying out my camera at night (lead singer of liquid jane, a band from college of music)

see more random unposted picturesCollapse )

yes, i finally know how to make a cut. :))
29 November 2007 @ 08:50 pm
here is basically what i think of the whole trillanes thing, in my sister Bea's words:

"First off, I was able to watch the videos only when it was over, because I only heard it in the car radio. And for the first time, the Philippines actually looks nice on TV! Really! It looks so clean and, well, the front of Manila Pen is of course, really nice. Haha. They should hold more mutinies there. Hahahaha just kidding.

On a more serious note, though, I was looking through the pictures on CNN and I actually feel for the poor rebel soldiers. I've heard about and read about the awful state of the soldiers of the Philippine Army because of the corruption of the generals and other high ranking officials, and I do feel sorry for them. It's all a lost case already. Their lives wont improve, no matter what they do. And it's really sad.

God, I just hate corruption. For those who think I'm a poor hater, I'm really not. I only have no use for people who don't try to do anything to get out poverty. But I DO feel for people who at least try to make a better life for themselves or who try to change their reality.

So I do think I'm at least A LITTLE sympathetic for their cause. Not that I agree with a change of government or whatever, because I don't think anyone can replace Gloria so far, but coming from their POV of really bad army corruption, it does merit some sympathy. I think Trillanes should've had a better strategy though. He should've shown and broadcasted all his accusations and everything; then, more people and soldiers would've joined. Also, Trillanes is supposed to be really intelligent; he did a thesis on army corruption in UP, so he at least might know a little of what he's doing. But this doesn't mean that I'm all for a coup. Because I'm not.

My parents were arguing over it during dinner: my mom is a bit sympathetic to Trillanes, and my dad isn't. Meaning that my mom felt the same sort of pity as I do, and my dad thought that they were all a bunch of papansin idiots. So to shut them up, my siblings and I agreed that really, we just shouldn't care. It doesn't affect us anyway. The whole thing just changed the fact that we're not going out this weekend. It's sad, but true. And that's what makes me pity their effort: nobody really gives a shit as long as their lives stay comfortable."

hahahaaha. sad but true! and it's like, we have a crappy corrupt government and so much people are living hard lives, but it's been like this so long its like, part of our reality. it's almost just like the little things that we dismiss with a "bahala na".